The Best Warehouse Racking System in the World?

Radio Shuttle - highland spring

We are often asked the question: “Can you tell me which warehouse racking system is the best to maximise capacity and improve the performance of our warehouse?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple answer.

The design of each warehouse may be slightly different. The pallet size may vary. The products being stored are likely to be different.

However, the real secret to great racking design is understanding the volume and movement of products in the warehouse and designing a racking system which optimises the flow of products and traffic.

This could be combining a radio shuttle solution to handle the core storage requirements with pallet live racking to optimise the despatch area.

It could be standard adjustable racking to enable 100% accessibility of products in the warehouse with push back racking to maximise capacity for packaging materials.

It even applies to shelving where heavy duty shelving can be used to maximise capacity and a carton live system to transform the picking speed.

Failure to understand the demands on the system will inevitably lead the design of the racking failing to deliver.

This failure could be a failure to maximise capacity and therefore require offsite storage. It could mean a slow picking system which impacts of loading times.

It’s this awareness which separates a sales orientated racking company from a solutions focused company.

Which approach would you prefer?

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