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Industrial Pull Out Shelves and Cantilever Racking For Engineering Stores

Thistle Systems has delivered another innovative storage solution for challenge being faced by a specialist supplier to the oil industry by designing and supplying a heavy duty pull out shelving system for their engineering stores.

Thistle Systems


increase in capacity

Thistle Systems


less floor space used

Thistle Systems

Industrial Pull Out Shelves

The client was looking to move 12 pallets of products which were being stored in 28.4m2 of floor space into a racking system. With a range of sizes, Thistle proposed their heavy duty pull out shelving which has a load capacity of up to 300kg on a galvanised shelf drawer & 700kg on a pallet drawer – perfect for engineering store environments.

Thistle designed an shelving solution which featured 12 industrial pull out shelves with additional storage for a further 12 pallets above in only 4.8m2 of floor space. The solution not only doubled the previous capacity, but achieved it in 83% LESS SPACE.

The shelving enables the client to store components either by size or by project dependent on their requirements. The pull out nature of the system not only enables them the full depth of the shelving to be maximised but also allows the products to be safely deposited and retrieved from the system.

Industrial Pull Out Shelves
Heavy Duty Shelving

What we did

  • 12 industrial pull out 300kg drawers 12 industrial pull out 300kg drawers
  • 100% increase in capacity100% increase in capacity
  • 83% less floor space used83% less floor space used
  • Cantilever racking to hold 3 metre pipesCantilever racking to hold 3 metre pipes
  • 20 linear metres of heavy duty shelving 20 linear metres of heavy duty shelving

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