Pushback for IBCs

How Long Does It Take To Load Your Wagons?

Can you beat 20 minutes? That’s what we are able to show one of our clients when they asked us if they could Max their Cube both in terms of capacity and efficiencies. And when you consider their current average load time is just under 60 minutes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see … Continued

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Timber decking for pallet racking

Why Use Timber Decking for Pallet Racking

One of the biggest challenges for many companies is developing a cost effective storage facility which provides them with the flexibility to store all of their products whilst maximising the potential capacity. This is particularly an issue for companies which receive a variety of pallet types and individual products to be stored in a single … Continued

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radio shuttle racking at food and drink warehouse, Perthshire, Scotland.

Warehouse Racking System – Which is the Best?

Looking for the best warehouse racking system to maximise capacity and improve the performance of your warehouse? It’s a question that we are often asked but unfortunately, there isn’t one simple answer. The footprint and height of each warehouse may be slightly different. The pallet size may vary. The products being stored are likely to be … Continued

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Essential Storage Safety Awareness Training

The days of simply carrying out a formal racking inspection once or twice or year just to meet your HSE obligations are now seen as a reactive approach to warehouse management. Therefore, Thistle Systems has developed a practical hands-on training programme for storage safety awareness, to provide your warehouse operators with the basic knowledge of safe … Continued

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max the cube

What Is Max the Cube?

Max the Cube is a unique approach which shows companies how they can maximise capacity and productivity within their warehouse, interiors and production facilities whilst dramatically reducing operating costs. We are on a crusade to help companies to capitalise on the huge potential that exists within every organisation to maximise every inch of storage space, … Continued

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ISO 9001

Thistle Systems Gain ISO 9001 Certification

Thistle Systems has seen its Max the Cube approach successfully achieve certification to the recently updated and internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. This certification demonstrates that the unique approach is more than simply a powerful concept, but is supported by a high quality management system which covers the design and project management of storage systems … Continued

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Interior Fit Out Scotland

How to Increase Productivity in An Office

If you are looking at ways to transform the productivity in your office, you may have read the article which suggested office workers were only productive for 3 hours a day. One study by the University of California suggests that open plan offices are just one of the reasons why productivity is so low. And … Continued

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narrow aisle racking

Using the 5S Methodology in Warehouse and Storage

Thistle Systems’ Max the Cube approach has been recognised as the perfect vehicle for companies looking to implement the 5S methodology within their warehouse storage and production facilities. The Max the Cube approach draws upon the key philosophies promoted by the 5S methodology which has become particularly popular with companies looking to gain a competitive … Continued

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Max the Cube

How Max the Cube Transformed Our Business?

Despite being in business for 20 years, its only in the last 4 where we have truly been able to tell people what it is that we can actually do for their business in a manner they can instantly relate to. This came when we developed our Max the Cube approach which effectively harnessed the … Continued

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New Versus Used Racking – Key Areas to Consider

As more companies look for ways in which they can make savings, Thistle Systems Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of racking has urged all companies to think carefully about the potential dangers of purchasing and installing used racking systems. With offers of amazing savings from online retailers and auction sites such as ebay … Continued

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