How Much Does A Mezzanine Floor Cost?

Mezzanine floor in warehouse facility installed by Thistle Systems, Scotland.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How Much Does a Mezzanine Floor Cost?”

That’s because mezzanine floors are seen as being one of the most effective solutions for creating additional floor space without having to extend or rent new premises.

The problem is that the term mezzanine floor is often mis-used and as a result companies often end up paying too much for the solution delivered.

You see, Mezzanine Floors are not the only means of maximising the height of your building and often can prove to be the most expensive solution – especially when they are over-engineered.

So, the very first thing we ask when we receive an enquiry for a mezzanine floor is, “What are you looking to do with it?”

It might seem a rather simple question which will be answered with “to create more space” but the purpose of the floor may open up a range of alternative solutions which could prove to be much more cost effective.

For example, if the mezzanine floor is purely to accommodate storage above and below, we may look at a two tier shelving structure, which could save you thousands of pounds.

Where there is a particular type of storage below and a different layout above, a floor over system may prove to be the best option.

Of course, the mezzanine floor route may still be the best option and our experienced team will look at developing the right solution with the right specification for your company.

But determining when to build a mezzanine floor and when to look at alternatives starts with a discussion with someone who can deliver a range of solutions, not a company who only offers one.

After all, if you approach a company that only offers mezzanine floors, they are only ever going to be in a position to sell you a mezzanine floor, regardless of whether it’s the best and most cost effective solution for your project.