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Maxi Cube IBC Racking

Our specialist IBC racking solutions allow IBC Containers to be stored safely, efficiently and within the minimum floor space

Efficient Storage of IBC

IBC Storage can prove to be a real challenge and clients often find themselves having to dedicate a large amount of floor space which could be better used.

However, thanks to our specialist IBC storage solutions, we can help you to maximise capacity within the minimum floor area and deliver the required level of accessibility.

Our Maxi Cube IBC Push Back Racking delivers a high density solution for slow moving stock, whilst our Advanced Engineered Pallet Racking can be adapted to handle the required loads.

We can also incorporate storage bunds to act as a safety measure and prevent leaking product from spreading or contaminating other areas.

Push Back Racking for IBCs
IBC Racking with Bund

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated Racking Solution for IBC StorageDedicated Racking Solution for IBC Storage
  • High Density option with Push Back Racking solutionHigh Density option with Push Back Racking solution
  • Bund option available to catch spills and leakagesBund option available to catch spills and leakages
  • Customised to maximise capacity and space utilisationCustomised to maximise capacity and space utilisation

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