Maxi Cube Mobile Racking

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A fantastic mobile racking solution to maximise capacity where SKUs are high and stock flow is relatively slow - particularly suitable for cold stores

Maxi Cube Mobile Pallet Racking Solutions

Mobile Racking is perfectly suited to warehouses where the floor space is relatively small, the costs of the floor space are high, there is a larger volume of SKUs and the movement of stock is slow.

Commonly found in environments such as cold stores and museum storage facilities, the mobile racking solution enables the cubic space of the storage facility to be truly maximised. However, this compromises the accessibility.

Depending on the number of static bays incorporated into the block, access to individual pallet positions is severely limited and will dramatically impact picking times.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent solution in the right environment with the right purpose.

Contact us today and find out how our mobile racking solutions can free up space in your premises.

Maxi Cube mobile racking solutions for warehouses and industrial units across Scotland and the UK.

Mobile Racking in Coldstore

Key Benefits

  • High Density Storage SolutionHigh Density Storage Solution
  • Suits environment with high SKUs and low stock movementSuits environment with high SKUs and low stock movement
  • Ideal for cold storage facilitiesIdeal for cold storage facilities
  • Ideal for museum storage facilitiesIdeal for museum storage facilities
  • Relatively low accessibility to individual palletsRelatively low accessibility to individual pallets

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