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Work Space

Our innovative design process maximises productivity in any office space whilst reducing costs and improving workflows

How to Maximise Productivity in Your Office

The general workspace is the hub of productivity in any modern office and therefore presents the biggest challenge, and indeed opportunity, to transform performance. Empty desks are common place as employees become more mobile, flexible hours are introduced and technology becomes more powerful.

Compartmentalised offices can breed the silo mentality as opposed to collaboration. Open plan offices are well known to cause distractions, encourage interruptions and prevent focused work patterns.

Other issues to impact performance include absenteeism, employee retention, light levels and temperature – all of which we can impact positively through our Max the Cube approach to office interiors.

Our unique approach can show you how to minimise wasted space and how to maximise storage capacity. We can also create dedicated spaces which prevent unproductive behaviour and improve performance, productivity and morale.

Combining work space with meeting space

Key Benefits

  • Improves staff morale which also increases productivityImproves staff morale which also increases productivity
  • Reduces floor space used & maximises desk capacityReduces floor space used & maximises desk capacity
  • Optimisation of storage spaceOptimisation of storage space
  • Reduced energy costs through innovative design and specificationReduced energy costs through innovative design and specification
  • Reduced absenteeism through ergonomic solutionsReduced absenteeism through ergonomic solutions
  • Creation of inspiring work spaces can spark creativityCreation of inspiring work spaces can spark creativity

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