Can We Help You to Rent Out Your Empty Offices?

Max the Cube

When the recession began to bite several years ago, many companies started to look at ways in which they could consolidate multiple offices or reduce the number of offices they were occupying so that they could rent out their extra space to other businesses.

As a result, our interiors team experienced a surge of enquiries from clients who recognised our expertise at maximising workspace whether it’s space planning for a new office or looking at ways in which existing offices could be reconfigured to make better use of the space.

Many were surprised at how little work was involved and how quickly they could capitalise on their underutilised space.

In one such project, we helped a business management consultancy practice, with offices in Glasgow and London, to explore the options for transforming three of their meeting rooms into an independent suite of offices.

After examining the plans of the building, we were able to quickly determine that the work involved to divide the space was fairly minimal and could be achieved by partitioning the open plan office space to create a new reception area.

When companies are looking at these kinds of projects, it can appear to be very straight forward, however, it pays to look at all the options available and ensure that you meet all of the legislative requirements in terms of DDA and Building Regulations. Our design and build experience means that we can provide you with the right advice to ensure your project always meets current guidelines.

In this instance, the Thistle team advised that a small change in floor heights from the reception area to the existing offices meant that a plinth would need to be created to meet the DDA regulations and Building Regulations.

Fortunately, this could also be achieved in such a manner that the area could be returned to its open plan design with minimal disruption.

Another key consideration in any office development is the level of office storage required by the team and when it comes to consolidating office areas, this can prove to be a real challenge. However, Thistle’s project team provided a superb solution to ensure no compromises needed to be made.

One method we have used to great effect in many projects is the installation of a fully fitted storage wall to form a partition. The modern and flexible storage walls that are now available on the market can make a huge difference in maximising office areas without sacrificing valuable storage space. This turned out to be the ideal solution for this company with the overall cost of the project being offset by a few months’ rent from the empty office.

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