Project Room Meeting Room

Could a Project Room Transform Productivity?

If you are looking at a way to transform the productivity of your office, make meetings more effective and dramatically improve your project management, a dedicated Project Room could be exactly what you require. The statistics relating to how ineffective meetings can be – check out one of our most read blogs which may make … Continued

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Cost of Meetings Infographic

EXPOSED: The True Cost of Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of any business, however with the need to maximise productivity and minimise unnecessary costs, we examine the true cost of meetings and how you can transform their effectiveness. As the saying goes, “If you want to kill time, a meeting is the perfect weapon” which says everything about their effectiveness … Continued

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Max the Cube

Can We Help You to Rent Out Your Empty Offices?

When the recession began to bite several years ago, many companies started to look at ways in which they could consolidate multiple offices or reduce the number of offices they were occupying so that they could rent out their extra space to other businesses. As a result, our interiors team experienced a surge of enquiries … Continued

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Interior Fit Out Scotland

How to Increase Productivity in An Office

If you are looking at ways to transform the productivity in your office, you may have read the article which suggested office workers were only productive for 3 hours a day. One study by the University of California suggests that open plan offices are just one of the reasons why productivity is so low. And … Continued

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