How to Increase Productivity in An Office

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If you are looking at ways to transform the productivity in your office, you may have read the article which suggested office workers were only productive for 3 hours a day.

One study by the University of California suggests that open plan offices are just one of the reasons why productivity is so low. And when you consider how easy it is for employees to be distracted by conversations, noise in the office and music, you can start to understand.

But the same study also claims that if an employee is distracted, it can take them up to 23 minutes to regain concentration on the task at hand. And when you consider that an employee in an open plan office is interrupted 29% more often than someone in a private office, you can understand why more companies are looking at creating offices for key team members and dedicated meeting rooms to remove distractions.

But the key questions you need to be asking are, “How productive are your employees and how much are distractions impacting your bottom line?”

At Thistle Systems, we take a unique approach to interior fit outs. You see our main priority is to increase the profitability of your company by improving the productivity of your workforce. How we achieve that depends very much on the client, their employees and their business objectives.

It may be about using space more effectively to create meeting rooms and private offices with glass partitioning.

It could be about creating dedicated work spaces for individuals or shared work spaces for teams. It could be by creating a more vibrant and uplifting work space to improve motivation and staff retention.

Or it could simply by reducing the clutter and improving office storage to increase the number of desks in the office.

As part of our Max the Cube approach, we analyse the opportunities presented to improve productivity with 6 different types of work spaces – which we see as Meeting Space, Quiet Space, Work Space, Shared Space, Informal Space, Essential Space.

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