International Rack Safety Month

International Rack Safety Month

March 2017 sees the launch of International Rack Safety Month which has been established to encourage all businesses to take a little time out to ensure their warehouse not only meets the legal Health and Safety obligations but also helps to refocus employees to ensure their workplace is safe and free from hazards.

But surely every month should be Rack Safety Month?

We couldn’t agree more. After all, Health and Safety is the number one priority in every warehouse.

However, with the growing pressures of day to day operations and ensuring KPIs are being met can sometimes lead to a slightly slower response to attending to what appears to be small, almost irrelevant issues.

And before you know it, that slightly damaged upright is condemned, the missing loading sign results in racking being overloaded or the slightly deflected beam is damaged beyond repair.  Not to mention a visit from the HSE, intervention fees or even worse, a catastrophic failure.

Like all safety and maintenance issues, speed of response will have a major effect in minimising impact and indeed costs. So, we are delighted to support International Rack Safety Month 2017 and will be reinforcing the importance of Rack Safety to all of our clients over the next few weeks.

Meantime – why not check out our quick guide to Rack Safety with 8 Tell Tale Signs Of Damage To Racking –

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