Could a Project Room Transform Productivity?

Project Room Meeting Room

If you are looking at a way to transform the productivity of your office, make meetings more effective and dramatically improve your project management, a dedicated Project Room could be exactly what you require.

The statistics relating to how ineffective meetings can be – check out one of our most read blogs which may make you reconsider the number of meetings you have. Read our blog the True Cost of Meetings

So how do you transform the effectiveness of a meeting? You need to change the behaviours of the people attending the meeting. To do that you need to control the environment in the meeting room.

So, if you look at a traditional meeting rooms and they are generally just table and chairs, possibly with a screen. The environment encourages people to sit down, relax, get comfortable and start talking. However the relaxed environment can mean that meetings don’t start on time and may drag on as people talk about non-related items.

Project rooms on the other hand are designed to:

  • keep meetings short
  • encourage creativity, brainstorming and problem solving
  • allow key materials to be shared
  • storage can be built in to provide instant access to key files

Project Room Meeting RoomThey tend to feature

  • height adjustable desks to encourage stand up meetings which can reduce meeting times by 25%
  • Idea Wall featuring a wipeable whiteboard wallpaper to encourage creativity, and collaboration
  • smart screen to allow presentations and digital files to be shown and edited in real time
  • video conferencing to allow people, including clients, to join the meeting remotely

By changing the environment with a height adjustable desk to create a stand up meeting, urgency is created. Delays to meetings and small talk are reduced as people want to get on with matters. In fact, studies have shown that stand up meetings tend to last 25% shorter than sit down meetings.

Providing a shared workspace via an Idea Wall encourages participants to co-create a solution as opposed to working in their own space, i.e., on their notebooks or laptops.

The shared space also tends to remove distractions and so makes the meetings more effective.

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If you are considering your meeting space or getting frustrated at the productivity of your meetings, you may want to consider a project room. Contact us now to discuss your ideas now on 01236 453888.