Commercial Office Fit Outs

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Commercial office fit outs are perfect for key areas of any office environment, from wash rooms to kitchen areas and from IT rooms to locker areas

Fit Outs for functional Spaces which Underpin the Workspace

The focus of any workspace design tends to be on the main office space, meeting areas and reception, however you simply cannot underestimated the role of essential spaces such as kitchens, washrooms, locker rooms, comms rooms, storage areas and general workspaces.

These tend to be last on the list of priorities but the value they can bring to an organisation is significant.

Optimising the size of the areas and careful planning of your office fit outs are critical. Positioning is key, however the impact of design can often be perceived as the reflecting just how much you value your team. Ignore this space at your peril. Our Max the Cube will show you exactly how you can leverage this space to maximum effect.

As experienced fit out contractors, why not contact us today and find out how we can improve your workspace and boost morale.

Max the Cube: Innovative design and planning for commercial office fit outs across Scotland and the UK.

Kitchen Areas and Tea Prep
Toilets and Locker Rooms

Key Benefits

  • Carefully planned office fit outs improve moraleCarefully planned office fit outs improve morale
  • Reduces utility costsReduces utility costs
  • Store rooms help keep the office tidy with non-essential items being stored out of sightStore rooms help keep the office tidy with non-essential items being stored out of sight
  • Locker rooms help to improve securityLocker rooms help to improve security
  • Improves productivityImproves productivity
  • Can improve collaborationCan improve collaboration

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