Informal Space

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By creating space to have informal chats, meetings or breakout sessions our office fit out specialists can help you improve focus and improve productivity

Dedicated Areas for More Informal Discussions

Getting the most out of individuals is a key focus for any business, but as demographics change our experienced fit out contractors advise that so too has the demands for office design.

The creation of informal spaces can be every bit as important as the main work space.

Informal spaces can provide employees with a dedicated area away from their desk to work on certain tasks

They can also be used as an informal meeting areas with colleagues, suppliers and customers without distracting other workers.

Research also shows these types of areas can increase collaboration between teams and individuals, improve morale within employees and improve inter-departmental relationships.

Using our Max the Cube approach, our office fit out specialists can help to determine just how much benefit, and indeed return on investment, this space could offer your business. Why not talk to one of our experienced office fit out contractors today and find out how we can improve your work environment.

Thistle Systems: Providing office fit out specialists across Scotland and the UK to make your workspace a better place.

Feature Seating to Create Informal Meeting Areas
High benches for impromptu meetings or discussions

Key Benefits

  • Promotes different thought processPromotes different thought process
  • Stimulates ideasStimulates ideas
  • Encourages collaborationEncourages collaboration
  • Improves culture & environment Improves culture & environment
  • More important in recruiting younger employeesMore important in recruiting younger employees
  • Meets modern expectations of millennials Meets modern expectations of millennials

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