Bunded IBC Storage Solution for Food & Drink Company

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With space becoming a premium and health and safety a key issue for a food & drink company, Thistle Systems were asked to demonstrate the power of their Max the Cube approach by developing a bespoke solution to allow the IBCs to be safely stored on racking.

Thistle Systems


Access to IBCs at all times

Thistle Systems


IBCs stored in racking

Thistle Systems


runs of racking to provide space for secure storage

Bunded IBC Storage

The IBCs were previously being block stacked, however, the client was looking to maximise capacity in the minimum floor area whilst providing 100% access to all IBCs at any time. Thistle developed a solution which used their heavy-duty racking system, with open boarded timber decks fixed to the beams to provide a safe loading area for 24 IBCs. Thistle also designed, fabricated and installed bunds to sit below each of the bays of racking to accommodate potential leaks and spills – a key environmental requirement to prevent the spread of liquids or potential contamination. To maximise the capacity in the available area whilst providing unrestricted forklift access to the IBCs, Thistle developed a solution which split the racking into two runs and then proposed a secure storage facility in the remaining space to accommodate finished cases of high value products. Click here to find out more about our Maxi Cube IBC Racking with Bunded Storage solutions.

Bunded IBC Storage

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