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Automated Racking Myths 2: Automated Racking is Too Expensive

The growing interest in automated storage has accelerated rapidly over the last 12 months. However, too many companies have either quickly dismissed or not even considered the concept, believing the myth that Automated Racking is Too Expensive. At Thistle Systems, we have been developing a range of semi-automated and automated storage solutions for the last … Continued

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Automated Racking Myths

MYTH: Automated Racking Is Only Suitable for Large Warehouses and Large Cold Stores

AUTOMATED RACKING MYTH BUSTING NUMBER 1: Most people accept and understand the general concept of automated racking systems and the significant operational benefits it can deliver.However, there is a general misconception that automated racking and storage are only suitable for larger warehouses and cold stores. The truth is the viable size of automated storage isn’t … Continued

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Automated Fulfilment Centres

How Agile Is Your Fulfilment Solution to Cope With the New Normal

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the anticipated future growth and demands on fulfilment centres which have been driven by the dramatic growth of internet sales. This has resulted in a growing interest in automated storage solutions and goods to person systems which can deliver major improvements in efficiency and costs savings … Continued

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Industrial Shelving UK

The Growth of Goods to Person Storage Solutions

The demands being placed on distribution centres are at an all-time high as customers demand even shorter lead times, with many companies being forced to offer next day or even same day delivery service just to compete. Much of this is being driven by the continued growth in internet sales which reached an all-time high … Continued

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