Maxi Cube Drive In Racking

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Drive In Racking is an extremely effective solution for utilising warehouse and industrial space efficiently.

High Density Drive In Racking solution which is ideal for storing a low number of SKUs

Drive in, or drive through, racking provides the perfect solution to save space and streamline industrial or warehouse procedures. It works well alongside Maxi Cube’s push back racking, live pallet racking and radio shuttle racking which also provide flexible storage solutions. Drive-in racking plays an important role in the Max the Cube portfolio of solutions and works well where companies are storing a large volume a single product. It can be used either as First in First Out (FIFO) or First in Last Out (FILO) depending on the nature of the business and the warehouse. However, the key to Drive In Racking is understanding the movement of goods - get it wrong and you could see a relatively low level of space utilisation and a high level of unnecessary stock movements. Contact us today to discuss your Drive In racking requirements and our team of experts will be happy to provide a tailor made solution to satisfy all your pallet racking needs. Maxi Cube Drive In Racking: Streamlining warehouse operations across Scotland and the UK.

Drive in Racking

Key Benefits

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