Maxi Cube Mobile Shelving

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Maxi cube mobile shelving provides a high density shelving solution suitable for heavy duty storage such as engineering stores as well as office based solutions

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving is a highly effective storage solution which could transform your operations by condensing the required floor space by up to 50%. Whether its replacing traditional filing cabinets, storing archive boxes or using heavy duty shelving with bin fronts to accommodate heavier components, mobile shelving can help you to maximise capacity and dramatically reduce storage costs. The secrets to an effective mobile shelving system is in the understanding of the products being stored and the accessibility requirements and that's where our Max the Cube approach can ensure you get the best return on your investment. Our expert team will help you to achieve a mobile shelving system which is specified to your requirements, designed to maximise space utilisation and optimised to improve accessibility. We can even design in security measures to prevent access to key areas. To see how our Max the Cube mobile shelving approach could transform your operations contact us now. Maxi Cube Mobile Shelving: High density storage solutions to maximise warehouse capacity and efficiencies across Scotland and the UK.

Integrated Mobile Shelving System
Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving

Key Benefits

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