High Density Parts Storage For Porsche, Aberdeen.

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When a major car dealer was looking to design their automotive parts storage solution for their new Porsche dealership in Aberdeen, they approached Thistle Systems to see how their Max the Cube approach could improve the capacity and efficiency of the garage.

Thistle Systems


Linear Metres

Heavy Duty Shelving

Thistle Systems


High Density Drawers

With smart parts storage

Thistle Systems


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of Slat Wall Space

Automotive Parts Storage Solution

The car dealer was looking at how they could squeeze the store into a smaller footprint without compromising capacity or accessibility.

Thistle developed a fully lockable, high density storage wall using a combination of heavy duty, high density drawer units with customized partitions, designed to optimise the parts storage capacities to suit their needs. Vertical drawers were also incorporated into the storage wall with perforated panels to store the technician’s key tools.

To enhance the workspace, high level, heavy duty work surfaces were installed to provide the technicians with work benches to carry out essential tasks at a comfortable height.

Heavy duty longspan shelving was incorporated to store bulkier items on the existing mezzanine floor and Thistle were able to maximize every available space by fitting perforated panels to the main wall in the technical area to store additional smaller items.

To find out how our parts storage solutions can fulfil your high density needs, simply contact us today.

Thistle Systems: High density parts storage solutions, Aberdeen.

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What we did

  • Lockable High Density Storage Wall Lockable High Density Storage Wall
  • Customised partitions and vertical high density drawer unitsCustomised partitions and vertical high density drawer units
  • High level workbenches with heavy duty work surfacesHigh level workbenches with heavy duty work surfaces
  • Heavy duty longspan shelvingHeavy duty longspan shelving
  • Shelving partitionsShelving partitions
  • Perforated wall panels for additional storagePerforated wall panels for additional storage
Small parts storage

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