Mezzanine Floor Glasgow

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Thistle Systems' have designed and installed a mezzanine floor for a leading health product supplier, able to withstand heavy machinery

Thistle Systems


Kn core load capacity of mezzanine

Thistle Systems


Kn Load capacity in specific area for heavy machinery

Thistle Systems


Pallet Gate

Mezzanine Floor

When it comes to designing a mezzanine floor to accommodate heavy machinery, specification is absolutely critical, not only to ensure the mezzanine can handle the load but also to minimize the cost. So, when one of the world’s leading suppliers of herbal remedies and health products was looking to maximise their UK production facilities, they brought in Thistle Systems. After discussing the project, Thistle designed a mezzanine floor which delivered a core load capacity of 4.8Kn however with a specific area to accommodate a 10kn load capacity to locate the heavy machinery. Thistle also designed the mezzanine to tie into existing offices in the neighbouring facility and thereby avoiding the need to include a secondary staircase – again reducing costs and optimizing design. Thistle also incorporated a pallet gate to assist with the safe handling of goods. Click here to find out more about mezzanine costs

Pallet Gate for Loading of Pallets to Mezzanine

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