Ingenious Push Back Racking Solution

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Ingenious Push Back Racking with IBC

Thistle Systems’ Maxi Cube Push Back Racking is providing whisky companies with a high-density solution that maximises capacity whilst offering the flexibility to store a range of products and materials.

Thistle Systems


IBCs stored

With bund

Thistle Systems


Additional Pallets

Thistle Systems


Square Metres

Floor Space

Push Back Racking with IBC Storage

Inchdairnie Distillery is carving out its unique position in the market using ingenious techniques and innovative equipment to transform the whisky experience from its facility in Fife. With its 6 flavour innovations ranging from using seasonal barley to create different distillates to higher gravity mashing techniques and bespoke stills with double condensers, Inchdairnie are happy to push the boundaries in the industry. So, when it came to developing a storage solution which could not only maximise capacity in the available area but could offer the flexibility to store a range of products from chemicals to feints and dry goods, they were obviously looking for a solution that was well, ingenious. Thistle designed a high density storage solution featuring a customised version of its Maxi Cube Push Back Racking which could accommodate 24 IBCs plus an additional 12 pallets in just 18.9 square metres. Due to the nature of the products being stored in the solution and the health and safety conscious nature of the whisky sector, Thistle also incorporated a bund to catch any leaks from both the chemicals and the feints being stored.

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