Push Back Racking

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Space: Warehousing, Sector: Retail,

Thistle Systems' unique push back racking system has enabled a client in the textile industry to enjoy a 4 deep high density system which accommodated everything from Intermediate Bulk Containers to CHEP pallets.

Thistle Systems


Increased capacity by

Thistle Systems


Less Floor Space

Thistle Systems


Pallets Deep

Push Back Racking

The client had previously been block stacking the various pallets and materials, however with space becoming a real issue, they were looking at a push back racking system which would allow them to increase capacity and improve the picking process.

Thistle’s push back racking system enabled the client to increase their capacity by 36% using just under 50% of the previous area.

By freeing up the additional floor space, the client is now able to store additional products whilst also being able to access the pallets on the push back racking quicker and easier.

The unique trolley system featured in Thistle Systems’ push back racking was instrumental in the buying decision.

The patented system can accommodate different size and shapes of pallets. The design of the trolley also ensures the pallets can be stored on the level which is absolutely essential for storing IBCs.

Push Back Racking with IBCs
Cart System Protects the Product

What we did

  • Increased capacity by 36%Increased capacity by 36%
  • Enabled client to use 49% less floor spaceEnabled client to use 49% less floor space
  • Client now able to access pallets quicker and easierClient now able to access pallets quicker and easier

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