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Bunded Storage for Oil Drums

Thistle Systems’ Max the Cube approach has enabled one of the UK’s leading dealerships of Heavy Equipment, such as articulated trucks and excavators, to transform their warehouse with a specialist racking installation with bunds to store its oil and other fluids.

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Pallet Positions

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Beam Levels

Bunded Storage for Oil Drums

The client had been experiencing significant growth and had outgrown its previous method of storage which included using singular bunds and expensive bespoke storage containers.

Working closely with the client and its warehouse team, Thistle Systems developed a bespoke solution using its heavy duty engineered racking, incorporating large bunded trays which had been designed and specified to cope with any leakages or indeed catastrophic failures.

Whilst the original installation featured 8 bays of racking with 4 levels of storage and space for 2 pallets per bay to provide a total of 64 pallet positions, the system can be extended to accommodate further growth.

And although the intention was to store all materials on pallets, Thistle specified the use of timber decking panels to enhance the safety of the system, ensuring that any damage to pallets would not result in damage to the products being stored.

The timber decking also provides the client with the flexibility to store different pallet types, or indeed choose to safely store individual items for picking.

For more information on our Bunded Racking solutions, or indeed any of our bespoke storage solutions, contact us now or visit www.thistlesystems.co.uk for more information

Bunded Storage with Racking

What we did

  • 64 Pallet Positions on Pallet Racking64 Pallet Positions on Pallet Racking
  • Timber Decking to all beam levels to improve flexibilityTimber Decking to all beam levels to improve flexibility
  • Steel Bunds to Catch All Spillages Fitted Below Each BaySteel Bunds to Catch All Spillages Fitted Below Each Bay
  • 4 Beam Levels Design to Accommodate 2 Pallets Per Beam4 Beam Levels Design to Accommodate 2 Pallets Per Beam

Solutions Used

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