Two Tier Shelving Transforms Capacity

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Thistle Systems enabled a major building supplies company to optimise their warehouse using their Max the Cube approach to include a two tier flooring solution, bespoke pipe storage and pallet racking

Thistle Systems


Additional Capacity

Thistle Systems


Linear Metres of Shelving created

Thistle Systems


Shelves High

Shelving height optimised to suit products stored to maximise cqapacity

Optimised Warehouse with Two Tier Shelving Solution

Thistle Systems has enabled a specialist building supplies company to transform their storage capacity by replacing their existing floor over system with a two tier flooring solution.

After discussing their initial enquiry to extend the floor over system, we used our Max the Cube approach to demonstrate the improved efficiency which would be delivered by a two tier system.

With 5 shelves high each measuring 1000mm wide by 400mm deep, the two tier solution provided over 2200 linear metres of storage which was more than the existing solution, however the real benefit was in the accessibility and improved picking process.

As part of the project, Thistle designed the installation to ensure it met the latest building regulations, obtained the necessary building warrant and incorporated a pallet gate to the upper level to ensure the safe handling of components. Lighting was also installed to the ground level of the two tier shelving system.

As part of the design, Thistle Systems also incorporated its Maxi Cube pallet racking to accommodate bulkier items with varying beam lengths to increase capacity and maximise the available space.

Two Tier Staircase
Two Tier Shelving

What we did

  • Two Tier Shelving SolutionTwo Tier Shelving Solution
  • Bespoke Pipe Storage SolutionBespoke Pipe Storage Solution
  • Pallet Racking Installed for Larger ItemsPallet Racking Installed for Larger Items
  • Cantilever Racking for Longer Lengths of PipeCantilever Racking for Longer Lengths of Pipe
  • Pallet gate installed to improve handling of itemsPallet gate installed to improve handling of items
  • Lighting to ground floor levelLighting to ground floor level
  • Building Warrant ObtainedBuilding Warrant Obtained
Bespoke Pipe Shelving

Solutions Used

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