Mezzanine Floor Transforms Storage Capacity for Automotive Supplier

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Mezzanine Floor Transforms Storage

Thistle Systems has enabled one of the UK’s leading specialist Automotive Parts Suppliers to transform the capacity in their Scottish warehouse with a Mezzanine Floor which allowed them to double the available storage space.

Thistle Systems


Increased Capacity

Thistle Systems



Thistle Systems


Slide Pallet Gate

Mezzanine Floor Double Storages Capacity

The company was using pallet racking positioned around the perimeter of the warehouse with storing pallets on the warehouse floor with tall, fragile boxes.  However due to the nature of the products being stored, the company couldn’t block stack the products and were running out of space.

Thistle’s project team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and what they needed to achieve from the storage area.

Using our Max the Cube approach on how to maximise space utilisation and operational efficiencies, we proposed a mezzanine floor with open steel decking which would fit within the available space and take advantage of the height of the building.

This would enable the client to continue to store pallets on both the lower and upper levels, as well as providing a platform from which they could load and pick boxes from the surrounding pallet racking.

A slide gate was also installed onto the upper level to allow the client to use the forklift to move pallets to and from the mezzanine.

Thistle Systems’ Project Manager, Roddy Wylie, explained, “This was quite a tricky project due to the sheer size of the boxes being stored in the warehouse and the ability to maximise accessibility, which made the mezzanine floor the optimum solution.”

Roddy continued, “One of the key considerations with such a large mezzanine floor is the associated fire and building regulations and in particular the escape routes in the unlikely event of a fire. Thankfully our experienced design team were able to avoid the need to create an additional fire exit in the building.”

What we did

  • Steel Mezzanine Floor for StorageSteel Mezzanine Floor for Storage
  • Steel FlooringSteel Flooring
  • Steel Fire Escape StaircaseSteel Fire Escape Staircase
  • Slide pallet gateSlide pallet gate

Solutions Used

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