High-Density Drive-In Racking Installed for Global Independent Bottler

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Thistle Systems has recently installed its high-density Maxi Cube Drive-In Racking and adjustable pallet racking (APR) into the warehouse of one of the world’s largest independent bottlers.

Thistle Systems


Number of pallet positions created

Thistle Systems


Maximum weight of pallets which could be stored (Kg)

Thistle Systems


Different blocks of racking installed throughout warehouse and production area

Drive-in Racking and APR

While not a dynamic racking solution, drive in racking UK remains a popular high-density solution which can be effective at creating storage capacity in a warehouse providing the movement of goods is carefully considered to prevent issues with space utilisation.

Designed to increase the number of picking faces for the client, Thistle installed the drive-in racking in 4 different blocks in both the main warehouse and production areas. The high-density nature of the drive-in racking meant that pallets of up to 1200kg were able to be stored in the main warehouse, and up to 500kg in the production area.

By maximising the available height of the building, Thistle were able to install racking which was 2, 3 and 4 pallets high to provide a total of 1,658 pallet positions in the main warehouse, with an additional 32 pallet positions in the production area.
Plus, the APR racking, which was installed in both areas and the beer store, provided additional capacity for the management of goods.

Thistle Systems’ Project Manager, Roddy Wylie, explained, “There were different options the client could have looked at when considering which racking to go for, including our Maxi Cube Push Back Racking. However, the available budget as well as company wide policies made drive-in racking the more favourable option.”

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What we did

  • Drive-in racking was installed in 4 different blocks in warehouse and production areasDrive-in racking was installed in 4 different blocks in warehouse and production areas
  • Total of 1,690 pallet positions createdTotal of 1,690 pallet positions created
  • Pallets of up to 1200kg could be storedPallets of up to 1200kg could be stored
  • Additional APR racking installed with provide additional capacityAdditional APR racking installed with provide additional capacity

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