High Density Storage Carousel for Whisky

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Thistle Systems has enabled a major whisky company to securely store over 6000 bottles of high value malt whisky within a footprint of just 9 square metres.

Thistle Systems


bottles of high value malt whisky stored

Thistle Systems


sq metres of space used

Thistle Systems


metres of height available

Vertical High Density System

Working with the client’s project team, Thistle assessed the requirement of storing 6000 bottles within the smallest possible floor area. The bottles being stored contained samples for some of the company’s most valuable product lines and therefore security was a prime concern.

With over 6 metres in height at their disposal, Thistle System proposed the use of a carousel system which enabled the client to achieve its target capacity within an incredibly small footprint.

The high-tech carousel system uses computerised technology to request the required product which is then safely retrieved within seconds and presented at a safe handling height for the picker to access. Unlike carousel systems, the automated process ensures only the required product is moved, minimising the risk of damage to stored goods. The system also offers the ability to incorporate user specific PIN codes to monitor usage and minimise stock loss.

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