Thistle Systems Complete Largest Radio Shuttle Racking Installation in the UK

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Thistle Systems has demonstrated the power of its Max the Cube philosophy by designing and installing the UK’s largest radio shuttle project for a major food and drink manufacturer in Perthshire, Scotland.

Thistle Systems


Increase in pallet capacity

Thistle Systems


Reduction in FLT travel times

Thistle Systems


Reduction in external storage requirement

Radio Shuttle and pallet live

The radio shuttle racking system features 14000 pallet positions and 12 shuttles to transform the capacity and performance of the client’s warehouse.

The client had originally planned to build an additional warehouse to accommodate the additional storage capacity, however Thistle Systems’ proposed the use of radio shuttle racking to deliver the required capacity in the existing floor space.

The client was looking to upgrade their existing drive-in racking in their current warehouse to facilitate on-going growth and reduce external storage requirements.

To optimise warehouse performance, Thistle combined the radio shuttle system with live pallet racking to enhance the loading of wagons at their despatch area. They also featured push back racking to service other key parts of the operation.

For further information on our radio shuttle and live pallet racking, please contact us today.

Thistle Solutions: Radio shuttle and pallet live racking solutions for commercial use in Perthshire and across Scotland.

Radio Shuttle
Radio Shuttle

What we did

  • 49% reduction in vehicle loading times49% reduction in vehicle loading times
  • 95% reduction in costs of damage to racking95% reduction in costs of damage to racking
  • 87% reduction in costs of damage to stock87% reduction in costs of damage to stock
  • 32% reduction in operational costs32% reduction in operational costs
  • 100% increase in loads per day/man100% increase in loads per day/man
Push Back Racking

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