Security and Stock Control Transformed with Mesh Partitioning

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Mesh Partitioning for Secure Storage

See how Thistle Systems designed a bespoke Mesh Partitioning solution to enable a facilities management company to control stock, minimise theft and reduce losses

Thistle Systems


Secure Storage Area

Thistle Systems


Double Security Door

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Pedestrian Gate

Mesh Partitioning

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to facilities management is being able to access replacement parts and components quickly and easily from the engineering stores.

So when one of the UK’s leading Facilities Management companies was having issues with security and stocking in their engineering store on a major client’s site, they approached Thistle Systems to design and install a solution.

Having designed hundreds of engineering stores across the UK storing everything from small components to large replacements parts, Thistle Systems has extensive experience in this area.

After discussing the key challenges, the major issue was the stock control of parts being used.

Components could be easily taken from the engineering store, by anyone on site which lead to re-stocking issues as the computer system showed the component was available even though there were no physical units in the store.

The unaccounted stock also meant the client was either not charging for components being used during the repair and maintenance work or was experiencing theft in the warehouse – a major issue for many companies.

Thistle Systems designed a bespoke Mesh Partitioning solution which fully enclosed two separate areas in the facility.

The main area within the engineering store featured a double sliding security mesh door to allow access for push pallet truck and access hatches for products to be passed through.

Due to the size and layout of the store, an additional pedestrian exit was installed to meet the latest building and fire regulations.

Within the engineering store itself, Thistle redesigned the layout of the longspan shelving and uprated the load capacity in key areas to prevent overloading issues and to ensure a safe working environment.

The solution has already transformed stock control and improved efficiency of the store.

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What we did

  • Mesh Partitioning to provide Secure Storage in two areas of the facilityMesh Partitioning to provide Secure Storage in two areas of the facility
  • Double Sliding Security Mesh DoorsDouble Sliding Security Mesh Doors
  • Pedestrian Exit to meet building and fire regulationsPedestrian Exit to meet building and fire regulations
  • Longspan Shelving reconfiguresLongspan Shelving reconfigures

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