Mezzanine Floor Suppliers Scotland

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Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

Floor space in Aberdeen is in short supply so every little helps when it comes to Maxing the Cube for our clients in the area which is what we did when a specialist equipment supplier to the oil and gas industry approached us to discuss how they could create essential storage space within their existing facility.

Thistle Systems


sq metres additional floor space created

Thistle Systems


Pallet Gate

Thistle Systems


Building Warrant Secured

Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

The challenge was that the client stored most of its items on the floor on pallets as most were large pieces of equipment which were moved using overhead cranes and fork lift trucks.

Thistle identified an area in the corner of the facility which was used for work benches and installed a mezzanine floor which created an additional 55 square metres of floor space.

To maximise the available area, Thistle designed the mezzanine to run tight to the cladding, shaping the mezzanine floor around the steel structure.

The mezzanine allowed the client to retain their workbenches on the ground level with dedicated small parts storage and then have its larger components on the mezzanine using a pallet gate to allow pallets to be safely and easily stored.

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Mezzanine Floor Suppliers Scotland | Specialist Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

What we did

  • Mezzanine Floor System Created Additional 55m sq storage space Mezzanine Floor System Created Additional 55m sq storage space
  • Pallet gate installed for safe storagePallet gate installed for safe storage
  • Building warrant securedBuilding warrant secured
  • Reputation as specialist mezzanine floor suppliers enhancedReputation as specialist mezzanine floor suppliers enhanced

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