Two Tier Shelving with IBC Racking

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Two Tier Shelving with IBC Racking

Thistle Systems has used Two Tier Shelving to create almost 500 linear metres of storage in just over 40 square metres plus created IBC Storage

Thistle Systems


linear metres

Thistle Systems


Square Metres

of Floor Space

Thistle Systems


Linear metres of additional heavy duty Longspan Shelving

Thistle Systems has enabled one of the country’s leading distributors of specialist equipment to maximise the storage capacity in their new Edinburgh depot by creating almost 500 linear metres of storage in just over 40 square metres.

Thistle had already worked with the client at a number of their depots across the UK and therefore had a thorough understanding of the profile of the products being stored.

Presented with an empty industrial unit, Thistle developed a storage solution which truly enabled the client to Max the Cube with a two tier shelving solution which used a combination of bay widths and shelving heights to fit the size and space requirements of the products, minimising any dead space.

The shelving was optimised further with plastic drawer units for small parts storage and dividers to allow products to be stacked safely in the shelving as well as louvre panels and short spiggots to enable products to be stored on the end panels.

The two tier shelving was accessed via a structural steel staircase with a top landing which was designed to meet the required building and fire regulations and allow users to freely access the first floor.

Thistle also designed a provision of longspan shelving with timber decking to enable the company to store larger parts and components. Again, maximising the available space, Thistle used 3 different beam lengths, 4 beam levels and 2 different shelf depths to provide over 30 linear metres of heavy duty storage capable of storing up to 600kg per shelf.

And to complete the solution, Thistle designed in section of pallet racking with timber decking and bunded stores to enable the client to store their oil drums and IBCs. Thistle designed the solution to accommodate 7 pallet positions plus 6 IBCs together with further hand picking levels.

Whether you are moving to a new warehouse or looking to reconfigure your existing racking, contact Thistle Systems now on 01236 453888 to ensure you maximise your capacity and reduce operating costs.

Multi Tier Storage

What we did

  • Two tier shelving system to maximise capacityTwo tier shelving system to maximise capacity
  • Longspan shelving to store larger componentsLongspan shelving to store larger components
  • Racking system for storing pallets and IBCsRacking system for storing pallets and IBCs
  • Bunded stores to control spillsBunded stores to control spills
  • Almost 500 linear metres of storage in 40 square metresAlmost 500 linear metres of storage in 40 square metres

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