IBC Storage with Bund for Aberdeen Food & Drink Business

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Thistle Systems has enabled a world leading food and drink company in Aberdeen to transform the storage capacity as well as the safety of their IBC storage thanks to our ground-breaking push back racking solution with integrated bund and drip tray.

Thistle Systems


IBCs deep

Via Thistle Systems' push back cart system

Thistle Systems


IBCs stored

24 IBCs in just 19.36 m2

Thistle Systems


Spill Bunds

To contain any leakages from IBCs - one per lane

IBC Pallet Racking with Bund Installation

The client had been storing the IBCs on the floor and wanted to avoid block stacking to ensure no damage to the product and reduce the floor space required.

Thistle were asked to develop a solution which also incorporated a bund facility to ensure any drips, spills or indeed total IBC failure were contained, therefore meeting the strict SEPA requirements regarding chemical spills.

Thistle designed, manufactured and installed a 3 deep Maxi Cube push back racking solution which is 4 lanes wide and two levels high to accommodate a total 24 IBCs in just 19.36 m2.  Any leakages from the top tier of IBCs are caught by a heavy duty stainless steel drip tray which uses a gravity system to feed contents to the main bund at ground level.

Thistle used their Max the Cube approach to ensure the client not only received the best use of space but the IBC bunded storage solution delivered an excellent Return on Investment.
Project Manager, Stewart MacDonald, explained “Our Maxi Cube IBC Racking TM  can transform the use of space for IBC storage going up to 5 deep and 4 high depending on the available space and the weights of the IBCs themselves.”
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Maxi Cube IBC Racking: IBC pallet racking storage solutions in Aberdeen.

IBC push back racking with bund
Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Bund facility

What we did

  • 3 Deep Push Back IBC Racking3 Deep Push Back IBC Racking
  • 24 IBCs stored in just 19.36m224 IBCs stored in just 19.36m2
  • Stainless steel drop tray feeding any spillages into main bundStainless steel drop tray feeding any spillages into main bund
  • Avoided risk of damage to IBCs caused by block stackingAvoided risk of damage to IBCs caused by block stacking

Solutions Used

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