IBC Racking Solution For Global Company

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Thistle Systems has designed and installed over 600 pallet positions of adjustable pallet racking fa global player in the oil and gas sector after exploring a number of alternatives as part of the Max the Cube approach.

Thistle Systems


Pallet positions created

Thistle Systems

Thistle Systems

IBC Racking Solution

With the brief of maximising the capacity for the storage of Intermediate Bulk Containers with chemical products, Thistle worked up designs for various potential solutions, including using Thistle’s radio shuttle and push back racking. However, the large number of product types, the unpredictability of the demand would have caused serious operational issues for most of the high density racking solutions. The height of the building also limited the number of pallet levels, especially for the push back racking, which require a greater degree of clearance between pallet levels. Thistle Systems’s Managing Director, Mike Cairns, explained “Every racking solution has its pros and cons and when the required number of picking faces combined with the availability height and clearance tolerances required were analysed, the adjustable pallet racking proved to be the optimum solution.”

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