Live Pallet for Glasgow Business

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Buffer System Using Pallet Live Racking

Thistle Systems


Pallets Buffer System

Using Live Pallet Racking Solution

Thistle Systems


Height Difference

Between manufacturing and warehouse overcome by racking

Thistle Systems


Metres of Live Pallet Racking

3 Lanes of 12 pallets plus 2 x 3.2m lanes to store 5 pallets each

Maxi Cube Live Pallet Racking

Thistle Systems have demonstrated the flexibility of its Maxi Cube Live Pallet Racking by creating a bespoke system which has enabled a Glasgow business to move pallets between their manufacturing and their new warehouse facility quickly and easily.

Many companies would have looked at the ground level of the manufacturing facility being 2 metres higher than the warehouse as a major problem and potentially consider lifts or an automated process, however Thistle turned this into an advantage and used the floor levels to feed the gravity based pallet live racking solution.

Thistle designed two separate pallet live systems – a three lane system measuring 15.5m in length to feed up to 36 pallets from the manufacturing to the warehouse and a two lane system measuring 3.2m in length to accommodate 10 pallets.

As well as transforming the efficiency, the pallet live system also provided an effective buffer storage system.

To find out how our bespoke live pallet racking solutions can help your business, simply contact us today.

Thistle Systems: Live pallet racking solutions for businesses in Glasgow and across Central Scotland.

Pallet Live Racking

What we did

  • Created 2 Separate Buffer Stock Systems Using Pallet Live RackingCreated 2 Separate Buffer Stock Systems Using Pallet Live Racking
  • 3 Lane System from Production to Warehouse3 Lane System from Production to Warehouse
  • 2 Lane System from Warehouse to Production2 Lane System from Warehouse to Production
  • Avoided expenditure on automated lift systemAvoided expenditure on automated lift system
  • Created Buffer Stock System  to Assist With Warehouse EfficiencyCreated Buffer Stock System to Assist With Warehouse Efficiency

Solutions Used

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