Two Tier Racking Transforms Capacity Of Parts Storage in Aberdeen.

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Maximised capacity of car garage by developing a two tier flooring system with bespoke shelving solution for Aberdeen car dealer.

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Tier Flooring

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Types of shelves used to maximise capacity

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High Density Drawer System

Two Tier Floor for Parts Storage

Our Max the Cube approach has enabled a major car dealer to maximise the capacity and operational efficiency of the parts storage at a purpose built facility in Aberdeen which consolidated two separate facilities using a two tier industrial racking solution.
After identifying various restrictions, Thistle Systems proposed a two tiered shelving solution which offered increased capacity and picking faces in comparison to a mezzanine floor. Capacity was maximized by using three variations of industrial shelving to vary the depth and the length including longspan shelving to store large items such as bodywork panels.
Aisle widths were designed to be a manageable size which allowed efficient picking whilst minimizing the floor space required. By avoiding the use of structural steel columns of mezzanine floors, Thistle were also able to increase the number of picking locations. Thistle also designed high density drawer units for smaller, fast moving items to be stored and accessed quickly and easily by operators. A dedicated lay down area was created using a floor over section to the upper level.

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Thistle Systems: Two Tier racking Systems in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

What we did

  • Consolidation of two garages into one major dealershipConsolidation of two garages into one major dealership
  • Combination of two tier industrial shelving with a floor over section and high density drawer systemCombination of two tier industrial shelving with a floor over section and high density drawer system
  • 3 types of shelves to maximise space utilisation<br /> 3 types of shelves to maximise space utilisation

Solutions Used

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