Maxi Cube Pallet Racking

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Our Maxi Cube Pallet Racking has been designed and engineered to deliver 100% access but with complete flexibility on loadings, beam length and beam design for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Advanced Engineered Industrial Pallet Racking

Our Maxi Cube industrial pallet racking has been completely redesigned to suit the challenges of today’s fast paced environment.

With more loading options, space saving designs and an extensive range of accessories to increase space utilisation and improve health and safety, our Maxi Cube Pallet Racking can help to transform any industrial warehouse storage facility.

Maxi Cube pallet racking is best suited to installations where there are a large number of SKUs with each requiring instant and easy accessibility or as a cost effective storage solution for smaller projects.

If you are looking at high density industrial racking solutions, you may wish to check out our Maxi Cube Push Back Racking or our Maxi Cube Narrow Aisle Racking.

Please contact us for further information on our pallet racking systems and find out how we can help you maximise space and increase productivity.

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The Most Flexible Racking System on the Market
Full Racking Protection Solutions Available

Key Benefits

  • Delivers 100% accessibility to all SKUsDelivers 100% accessibility to all SKUs
  • Infinitely flexible and cost effective storage solutionInfinitely flexible and cost effective storage solution
  • Available as Z Profile and Box Profile to suit requirementsAvailable as Z Profile and Box Profile to suit requirements
  • Advanced Engineered Uprights for Superior Load CapacityAdvanced Engineered Uprights for Superior Load Capacity
  • Slimline sections to maximise load areaSlimline sections to maximise load area
  • Certified to British and European standard (BS) EN 15512Certified to British and European standard (BS) EN 15512

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