Maxi Cube Shuttle Racking

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Shuttle Racking

The Maxi Cube shuttle racking system is one of the jewels in the crown in the Max the Cube range. Delivering a high density storage solution which truly maximises the cube whilst providing enormous operational benefits and cost savings

high density semi automated shuttle racking solution

Radio shuttle racking is one of the most effective high density racking solutions on the market today, and a key solution within our product portfolio.  Its ability to deliver incredible levels of capacity within a comparatively small foot print means that we can truly maximise the cube However, the shuttle racking solution also delivers massive operational benefits and efficiencies which can be achieved through optimised warehouse planning. The reduction of travel times, reduced FLT requirements and faster loading times enables the shuttle approach to deliver unparalleled levels of Return on Investment. Ideal for cold store solutions. Contact us today to find out more about our radio shuttle racking system and how it can maximise even the most smallest of storage facilities. Maxi Cube Radio Shuttle Racking System: Helping improve capacity and productivity in warehouses across Scotland and the UK.

FIFO or FILO solutions
High speed radio shuttle for maximum efficiency

Key Benefits

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