Could Semi-Automation Be the Answer to Spiralling Energy Costs?

Shuttle Storage System

The spiralling energy costs are forcing businesses to take decisive action on their warehouse operations which could have a massive impact on the industry.

With energy typically accounting for 15% of overall warehouse costs and reports of up to 400% increases in the coming months, many businesses are now looking at every opportunity to consolidate operations and maximise space utilisation.

Increased costs are also expected from third-party logistics providers who provide essential external storage for many businesses.

These alone will drive up costs, eroding profit margins and inevitably forcing businesses to increase prices – but will the market sustain them?

As businesses looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operations, the potential ROI on high-density, dynamic and semi-automated storage solutions has never looked so attractive.

The ability to double the storage capacity in the same space through systems such as shuttle racking solutions or reduce the footprint of the storage solution by up to half with high-density picking towers is now delivering even greater cost benefits.

Likewise, the ability to use dynamic IBC storage solutions to transform the capacity to floor space ratios for IBCs is now even more attractive if you can make better use of space.

As one of the UK’s leading players in semi-automated and dynamic storage solutions, we are working with a growing number of companies to expedite their plans to optimise capacity and improve space utilisation in their warehouses.

Check out some of the solutions below:

If you are looking to consolidate warehouses or storage solutions or simply looking to reduce the floorspace dedicated to storage and improve space utilisation, contact us now to discuss your options.