radio shuttle racking at food and drink warehouse, Perthshire, Scotland.

The Hidden Costs of FLT Travel Times in Drive-In Racking

Have you considered how much money you spend every year stocking and retrieving pallets from your warehouse? The cost of forklift trucks and drivers is a sizable element of any warehouse operation but is often overlooked when deciding on the optimum racking solution. And whilst drive-in racking is seen by many companies as an excellent … Continued

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Radio shuttle installation Dumfries and Galloway by Thistle Solutions, Scotland.

Drive In Racking v Radio Shuttle Racking

Drive-in racking is a firm favourite when it comes to high-density racking solutions, especially in distribution centres and cold stores where maximising capacity is a key driver. However, like every industrial racking system, drive-in pallet racking isn’t perfect and doesn’t suit every project. So whilst drive-in racking may appear to be a cheaper investment, the … Continued

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Mezzanine Alternative

Why Mezzanines Are Not the Best Alternative to Block Stacking

Block stacking may appear to be a cheap and effective storage solution for many companies whether it’s during periods of growth or simply through tradition. Most people understand that block stacking isn’t always the most effective or efficient way to store pallets but, in many circumstances, it does what is required. However, that appears to … Continued

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