Drive In Racking v Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio shuttle installation Dumfries and Galloway by Thistle Solutions, Scotland.

Drive in racking is a firm favourite when it comes to high density racking solutions, especially in distribution centres and cold stores where maximising capacity is a key driver.

However, like every industrial racking system, drive in racking isn’t perfect and doesn’t suit every project.

So whilst drive in racking may appear to be a cheaper investment, the true cost of drive in racking and the impact it has on capacity, utilisation and most importantly ongoing operational costs, can have a dramatic impact on the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

That is why we are seeing a growing number of clients who are looking to convert their existing drive in racking solution to radio shuttle racking.

So what is the difference between drive in racking and radio shuttle racking?

In this executive whitepaper, we look at the 5 major reasons why companies are switching to radio shuttle racking and explain the massive return on investment that they are enjoying.

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