Cold Store Racking System

Cold Store Racking System

The construction and operating costs of a cold storage warehouse (or cold room) are such that the need to Max the Cube by maximise storage capacity in the minimum floor area with a cold store racking system, is absolutely essential.

With technology moving on at a pace, the ability to consider dynamic and semi-automated storage solutions in your cold store is now a real opportunity and one which can bring a significant return on your investment.
So here is our guide to the best options for your cold store racking systems

Mobile Racking System in Cold Stores

Mobile pallet racking enables you to enjoy high density storage with 100% availability thanks to the use of automated mobile bases which are moved via electronic controls to open and close aisles.
Our Maxi Cube mobile Racking solution uses the latest technology to enables access to any aisle in as little as 45 seconds – quick enough for even the fastest forklift driver.
The superb utilisation of the cubic space combined with 100% availability has made it a real favourite for cold stores with a large number of SKUs

  • Maximises capacity
  • 100% availability of picking faces
  • Excellent space utilisation
  • Achieve up to 100% more capacity over static racking

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Radio Shuttle Racking for Cold Stores

Radio shuttle racking is a superb semi-automated high-density storage solution which is ideal for cold stores which need to accommodate a large number of pallet positions but with a relatively low number of SKUs.
The system uses a shuttle which can automatically retrieve and despatch pallets into the system

  • Maximises capacity
  • Excellent space utilisation of cubic storage space
  • Massive improvements in efficiency and productivity
  • Dramatically reduces forklift travel times
  • FILO or FIFO options


AUTOCUBE™ Automated Racking System for Cold Stores

Our AUTOCUBE™ automated racking solution enables you to enjoy unparalleled space utilisation in cold stores with an ultra high density storage solution that does away with the need for fork lift aisles and accessibility issues from mobile racking systems.

Our intelligent smart carriers can move in 6 directions to automatically store and retrieve pallets from your cold store on dedicated transport rails, enabling you to store more pallets in the same space, reduce running costs and eliminate the need for personnel to enter the cold store.

And with the entire system controlled via hand-held devices or through your Warehouse Management System, the AUTOCUBE™ solution will transform the performance of your cold store.

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Push Back Racking for Cold Stores

Push back racking can be a highly effective storage solution for cold stores, particularly for smaller installations, enabling pallets to be stored up to 6 deep using gravity fed carts to push the individual pallets back into the system.
This system is ideal for cold stores which feature smaller batches of products or where multiple forklifts require access at any one time.
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Drive In Racking for Cold Stores

Drive in racking was traditionally a popular solution for use in a cold store, mainly due to the comparatively low capital investment required at the installation level. The high-density solution offers a large number of pallet positions in the floor area, however, due to the nature of the system, many users have experienced low utilisation levels, especially where stock rotation is required.

Ongoing damage to uprights can be a major issue for clients with approximately 10-15% requiring to be replaced on an annual basis.

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