Mezzanine Floor to Facilitate New Production Area in Glasgow

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High specification mezzanine floor designed to free up valuable production space and create area for buffer stock for Glasgow food manufacturer.

Thistle Systems


Square Metre Mezzanine Floor

to create more production space

Thistle Systems


Steel Staircase

Building Regulations would normally demand more for a mezzanine of this size

Thistle Systems


Lifts & Conveyors Incorporated

To automate production process and improve efficiency

Mezzanine Floor to Create More Production Space

Thistle Systems has enabled one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers in Glasgow to maximise the production and storage capacity of a new product line by installing a 650 square metre industrial mezzanine floor using their Max the Cube approach.
Working closely with the company’s architect to achieve the optimum design and construction solution, Thistle ensured the mezzanine tied in perfectly with an existing mezzanine floor in an adjoining unit.
In doing so, Thistle Systems were able to comply with building regulations and meant the mezzanine floor required only one staircase, therefore maximizing the floor space and indeed, minimising the costs associated.

The mezzanine floor was also designed to accommodate lifts and conveyors to automate the production process whilst creating a buffer/storage area to the upper level with full production and quality control to the lower level.
With such a large floor area, the underside of the mezzanine was fire rated as well as feature a suspended ceiling with a food grade finish to hide the essential services and make for a fantastic production environment. Click here to find out more about mezzanine costs

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What we did

  • 650 Square Metre Mezzanine Floor650 Square Metre Mezzanine Floor
  • Designed and constructed to tie in with existing mezzanineDesigned and constructed to tie in with existing mezzanine
  • Accommodated the lifts and conveyors to automate productionAccommodated the lifts and conveyors to automate production
  • Fire rated to underside of the mezzanine floorFire rated to underside of the mezzanine floor
  • Suspended ceiling to achieve food grade finishSuspended ceiling to achieve food grade finish

Solutions Used

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