Two Tier Transforms Engineering Store for Yorkshire Food Manufacturer

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Thistle Systems’ Max the CubeTM approach has enabled a major food manufacturer in Yorkshire to increase the capacity of its engineering stores in a smaller floor area and improve safety by designing and installing a two tier shelving system featuring 25 bays of heavy duty shelving.

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Thistle Systems


Bays of Shelving

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Floor Levels

Two Tier Shelving System to Maximise Height of building

Two Tier Shelving Solution for Food Manufacturer

The client had previously used adjustable pallet racking to store essential spare parts for its food processing machinery, which could range in size from small parts to large valves.

The client approached Thistle Systems and asked for proposals to maximise the capacity within a specific area they had made available.

Using detailed drawings and 3D visuals, Thistle were able to demonstrate exactly how the heavy duty shelving would work in practice and show the client the clear benefits of the solution, prior to installation.

Thistle Systems’ Project Manager, Alan Scott, explained “The previous method was very inefficient with a lot of dead space and quite difficult to access components at height. By using a two tier heavy duty shelving solution, we could provide 100% accessibility to all components at a safe working level.”
He continued, “We could also adjust the heights of the shelves to suit the components being stored, allowing us to maximise the utilisation and dramatically increase capacity.”

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Thistle Systems: Heavy duty shelving and two-tier flooring solutions, Yorkshire.

What we did

  • 3D visuals used to demonstrate how the heavy duty shelving would work before installation3D visuals used to demonstrate how the heavy duty shelving would work before installation
  • 100% accessibility to all components100% accessibility to all components
  • Shelving heights can be adjusted to suit components being storedShelving heights can be adjusted to suit components being stored

Solutions Used

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