Drive In Pallet Racking for Grass Seed Supplier, West Lothian.

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Thistle Systems celebrated the World Cup with the installation of drive in racking and standard adjustable pallet racking (APR) for the world’s leading suppliers of grass seed and the official supplier of grass for the Brazilian pitches at football’s biggest tournament.

Thistle Systems


Pallet Positions

Drive In Racking

Thistle Systems


Pallet Positions

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Thistle Systems



Drive In Racking and Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

Thistle Systems agreed that drive in racking and standard APR would be the best solution for maximising the capacity for this West Lothian supplier.

Thistle designed a 6-block drive in racking solution with each block 8 pallets wide, 3 high and 4 deep to accommodate the bulk of the raw materials. Additional raw materials were stored in two runs of static APR racking to allow full accessibility.

As the finished goods area required 100%, Thistle proposed a 1200 pallet location solution featuring standard APR with narrow aisles to maximise the benefits offered by their aisle master fork lift truck whilst allowing order picking from open pallets at ground level.

If you need assistance maximising your warehouse space, contact us to discuss your pallet and drive in racking requirements.

Thistle Systems: Pallet racking and drive in racking solutions for businesses in West Lothian and across Central Scotland.

What we did

  • 1200 pallet positions created1200 pallet positions created
  • Drive in racking, standard racking and shelving installedDrive in racking, standard racking and shelving installed
  • 100% Accessibility100% Accessibility
  • Heavy duty barriers & rack protectionHeavy duty barriers & rack protection
  • Reinforced guide rail for Drive inReinforced guide rail for Drive in

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