Radio Shuttle Transforms Capacity and Performance for Coffee Manufacturer

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One of the UK’s largest manufacturers of instant coffee has transformed the capacity and performance of their warehouse in the North of England thanks to Thistle Systems’ Max the Cube approach and the installation of radio shuttle racking.

Thistle Systems


Increase in capacity

Thistle Systems


Less floor space

Thistle Systems



Radio Shuttle & Push Back Racking

After discussing the project, Thistle proposed a solution which featured 700 pallet radio shuttle installation and a 2-deep push back system for slower moving items.

The first in first out radio shuttle was designed to accommodate the main ingredients and maximise capacity within the limited floor space. By consolidating the materials into one block of racking, the client was able to transform capacity within 50% of the floor space as well as dramatically reduce the travelling and loading times.

As the client was using reinforced plastic CHEP pallets for hygiene purposes holding 1500 kilo bags, it meant there would be a degree of overhang. But, Thistle demonstrated the shuttle racking system would work effectively by carrying out a full deflection test on the plastic pallets to ensure it would operate efficiently, as well as upgrading the rails in the system to provide additional support for the heavy pallets.

To find out how our radio shuttle racking solutions could help improve your business operation, simply contact us today.

Thistle Systems: Radio Shuttle Racking Solutions, Carlisle and North of England.

What we did

  • 5th Generation radio shuttle5th Generation radio shuttle
  • Shuttle racking solution which could cater for 700 palletsShuttle racking solution which could cater for 700 pallets
  • 2 radio shuttles2 radio shuttles
  • 2 deep push back 2 deep push back
  • Radio shuttle designed to suit CHEP palletsRadio shuttle designed to suit CHEP pallets

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