High Density Shelving System

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High Density Shelving System for Electronic Company

Thistle Systems delivered a bespoke high density shelving system to maximise storage capacity whilst maximising accessibility and minimising picking times.

Thistle Systems


bays of shelving

Thistle Systems


Bays of heavy duty long span

Thistle Systems


High Shelving

To maximise height of building

High Density Shelving Solution for Electronic Company

Thistle Systems has used its Max the Cube principles to develop a bespoke high density shelving system for a global semi-conductor company as part of an expansion to its Scottish manufacturing facility.  The client was looking to maximise the storage capacity within its main storage area whilst maximising accessibility and minimising picking times.

After surveying the existing shelving system and the products being stored, Thistle developed a solution which used a combination of 80 bays of shelving, combined with 6 bays of heavy duty long span. Thistle also created a dedicated storage area for specialist heavy duty chrome Kitting Trolleys which are used to pick components for projects in the semi-conductor industry.

As part of the proposal, Thistle recommended changing the depth of the shelving from 650mm to 500mm, introducing a longer span of shelving and incorporating some small components drawer storage. Thistle also aimed to maximise the height of the area by using a 3.3 metre high shelving system with 10 shelves per bay to minimise the dead space between shelves.

The end result was a industrial shelving solution which offered higher density storage, increased capacity and improved accessibility within the minimum footprint possible.

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What we did

  • 80 bays of shelving80 bays of shelving
  • 6 bays of heavy duty long span6 bays of heavy duty long span
  • 500mm deep shelves optimised to products500mm deep shelves optimised to products
  • 3.3m high shelving to maximise height3.3m high shelving to maximise height
  • Storage area for Kitting TrolleysStorage area for Kitting Trolleys

Solutions Used

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