Picking Tower for Cold Store and Ambient Warehouse

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Picking Tower Transforms Capacity and Picking Times

Thistle Systems has enabled one of its key clients to increase its storage capacity by over 105% by delivering a Picking Tower solution in their new distribution centre, allowing the client to store over 5500 SKUs and facilitate picking of 12,500 items per day.

Thistle Systems


Capacity Increase

Thistle Systems


Linear Metres

Ambient Storage

Thistle Systems


Linear Metres

Cold Storage

Picking Tower for E-Fulfilment Warehouse

The company has become the UK’s leading supplier of specialist food products, operating exclusively online with a growing number of loyal customers who appreciate its ability to deliver UK wide on a next day basis from its distribution centre in Scotland.

After working closely with the management team on the initial project, Thistle Systems were the natural choice to ensure the new distribution centre maximised capacity in the available space and provided the necessary layout to optimise efficiency.

A key feature of the new distribution centre was the cold room facility which enabled the client to extend their range of products to include refrigerated items.

Using their Max the Cube approach, Thistle analysed the volume and velocity of the SKUs and understood the dimensions of the individual products. They then designed a solution which maximised capacity, minimised dead air space and provided sufficient accessibility to enable the team to pick the growing number of order lines.

With a broad range of items stored, from large boxed items to small jars, Thistle used a combination of 400mm and 600mm shelves. Thistle also optimised shelving heights to suit the various products stored.

A pallet gate and lay down area was incorporated to enable stock to be transferred to and from the first level. Thistle Systems used their expertise and experience in the latest building standards to design the staircase layout to ensure safe working practices and meet the fire regulations.

Thistle also installed a multi-tier picking tower within the cold store area to enable the company to maximise the number of SKUs it offers within the smallest footprint possible.

The final solution enabled the client to achieve circa 3000 linear metres of shelving within the ambient warehouse with almost 550 linear metres of shelving in the cold store.

Picking Tower E-Fulfilment
Picking Tower to Cold Store

What we did

  • Two Tier Picking Tower to Cold Store and Ambient Warehouse Two Tier Picking Tower to Cold Store and Ambient Warehouse
  • Total SKUs to be stored - 5500Total SKUs to be stored - 5500
  • Picked items per day - 12500Picked items per day - 12500
  • Cold Store capacity - 545 linear metres in 12m x 7m floor spaceCold Store capacity - 545 linear metres in 12m x 7m floor space
  • Ambient capacity - 2960 linear metres in 18m x 22m floor spaceAmbient capacity - 2960 linear metres in 18m x 22m floor space
  • Picking Tower Height - 4.5 metresPicking Tower Height - 4.5 metres
  • Combination of 400mm and 600mm shelvesCombination of 400mm and 600mm shelves
Pallet Gate

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