Transforming Capacity With Shelving And High Density Drawer Units & Cabinets

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Thistle Systems has enabled a Renault Commercial garage to create a highly efficient workspace with even more storage capacity thanks its Max the Cube approach which used high density drawers and heavy duty shelving with dividers.

Thistle Systems


Bays of Shelving Installed

Thistle Systems


Drawer units installed to hold same capacity of previous 3 bays of shelving

Thistle Systems


kg Capacity per Drawer

High Density Drawers & Shelving

The client was struggling with capacity with large shelving systems storing a large number of small parts such as screws, nuts and bolts to facilitate the busy garage as well as larger items such as paint, spare parts, oil and tools.

After carrying out an onsite assessment and discussing the objectives with the client, Thistle Systems’ project team transformed the area to create a high level counter area with high density drawer units below and 12 bays of shelving.

The client was able to decant the entire contents from 3 existing bays of shelving into two drawer units measuring at 1032mm wide by 725mm deep. With a careful survey of the goods being stored and their usage, Thistle designed a system feature 18 drawers at 50mm deep and 9 drawers at 100mm deep.

With space being a premium, Thistle used shelving dividers to optimise the utilisation in the shelving and maximise the available capacity in the minimum floor space possible. This not only allowed the client to deliver the space to include an oil bund into the area but also create a highly efficient and professional looking storage facility with counter area.

Thistle Systems’ Managing Director, Mike Cairns, explained “Our High Density Drawer Units can accommodate an enormous amount of small components which would ordinarily take up significant shelf space and reduce utilisation.”

He continued, “With the ability to safely store up to 200kg per drawer, they are perfect for engineering stores and workshops. However to maximise the capacity and effectiveness requires an experienced designer to develop the right depth and layout of drawers.”

High Density Drawers and Workspace
High Density Drawers

What we did

  • Customised high density drawer unitsCustomised high density drawer units
  • Heavy duty shelving installedHeavy duty shelving installed
  • Space optimisation through shelving dividersSpace optimisation through shelving dividers
  • Creation of area for oil bund and countersCreation of area for oil bund and counters

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