Transforming Your Finished Goods Storage with an Automated Racking System

Automated Racking System

In our ongoing discussions and feedback sessions with clients, we have seen how the demands being placed on a finished goods and dry goods warehouses in today’s market has changed dramatically from those they faced 10 or 20 years ago.

Warehouse Managers are facing the challenge of a seemingly never-ending increase in SKUs, growing capacity requirements and an increasingly demanding market place who want your warehouse to be more responsive to their needs, delivering products quicker, more regularly and becoming ever more nuance with the dramatic growth of e-commerce.

Block stacking approaches are becoming increasingly restricting – both in terms of maximising the height available and in accessibility due to the increasing number of SKUs

Standard Static Racking is great for accessibility but compromises on capacity and can often result in excessive travel times for forklift trucks and as a result deliver poor efficiencies.

Dynamic racking achieves a great balance of capacity, availability and efficiency and can play a specific key role in warehouses, however, can be limiting in a busy warehouse with multiple SKUs.

As a result, many Warehouse Managers are examining their current storage solution, looking at how they can improve capacity, accessibility, and efficiency just to meet the demands. Some are looking at extending facilities or even considering building new warehouses.

There is an alternative worth thinking about, Thistle Systems’ AUTOCUBE™ provides a solution which will enable Warehouse Managers to achieve a significant increase in capacity in the same footprint whilst improving efficiency and reducing monthly costs. Check out the introductory video to find out more.

Why an Automated Racking System Could Be the Answer in Your Warehouse

The thought of automation often presents Warehouse Managers with a sense of fear and trepidation with regards to the investment required and the change in operating procedures, however once they see the potential returns on Investment, the curiosity starts to increase.

So, what if you could:

  • increase your storage capacity by 50-150%
  • have all pallets loaded into the system automatically
  • have all SKUs infinitely accessible
  • pre-programme your required pallets to come to OR go to a dedicated picking point ready for production/ picking or loading onto a wagon
  • store Euro and CHEP pallets in the same system
  • dramatically reduce your reliance on forklift trucks and operators and the associated costs
  • create a highly safe working environment
  • dramatically reduce energy costs

Sounding interesting yet?

AUTOCUBE™ from Thistle Systems is leading the way in the Intelligent Automated Warehouse solutions with an integrated approach which has your warehouse management system at the heart of the solution.

AUTOCUBE™ provides you with an ultra high-density storage solution that is completely focused on delivering the right pallet, to the right location at the right time for the right operator.

And now with Thistle Systems’ Evolutionary Pathway to Automated Warehouses you can create a tailored strategy which enables you to achieve the ultimate goal in a measured and controlled way which is right for your business. Click here to find out how the Evolutionary Pathway to Automated Warehouses works.

Thistle Systems’ AUTOCUBE™ Automated Racking System provides enormous benefits for finished and dry goods warehouses, including:

  • Ultra-high density storage solution – dramatically increasing capacity in same floor space
    Creates unlimited number of pick faces – perfect for high numbers of SKUs
  • Can store Euro and CHEP pallets in same storage system
  • No forklift trucks required – lifts and transit rails allows carriers to access all pallet locations
  • Fully automated goods to man approach to improve safety and efficiency
  • Maximises safety – minimising mechanical handling and manual handling
  • Minimises costs – less forklift trucks, less operators and less energy used
  • Maximises efficiency – Pre-programmed picking lists can be designed and automatically executed, e.g, pre-picking pallets during nightshift
  • Software ensures all lifts and carriers work in sync and can integrate with any Warehouse Management System

The full list of benefits is very much dependent on your current position and best of all, it is available to you now.


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