Why Your Warehouse Needs to Take One Giant Leap to Automation

Automated Warehouse System

The massive changes in the economy and the significant developments in automation, robots and technology is challenging businesses to think differently and effectively to achieve a step change in their operations.

Whilst senior managers and boards of directors are looking at incremental changes to improve capacity through improved design and dynamic systems such as push back and live racking, the investment may only be achieving a fraction of what could be achieved through automation.

To benefit from game changing productivity gains it makes more sense to invest today in fully automating your warehouse storage and retrieval systems, allowing the business to achieve the massive benefits of integrated goods to person technology almost instantly.

The pace at which automated storage solutions are now developing is seeing seismic shifts in what can be achieved, the costs involved and therefore dramatically reducing the payback periods – making the decision infinitely more realistic.

The ability to integrate your warehouse into more than a simple WMS or ERP system to access the internet of Things and Big Data applications can truly revolutionise the operational effectiveness of a warehouse.

The ability to understand the true costs of your warehouse operations, many of which have been hidden and buried deep within an accounting system and an unshakeable belief of “but we have always done it that way” is enabling those companies which are prepared to take off their ‘old-tinted’ glasses and look at their operations with a fresh outlook.

This can be a scary process and force you to make some daunting decisions, but the facts and figures do not lie. The massive inefficiencies which have been embedded into many warehouses would scare even the most understanding financial director.

Automated storage solutions are now available which can store the same capacity in a quarter of the floor space of traditional shelving, whilst enabling hundreds of items to be picked every hour by one operator without even having to walk a step from their workstation, makes for a revolutionary change in approach.

Add in the fact that the system can be extended without stopping operations, offers 99.6% uptime across hundreds of its global installations and can use its intelligent approach to continually improve the way products are stored for a faster system – and it’s hard to argue against.

Especially when you consider how productive you could be in the space which has been freed up

The space you free up can be as much as 60/70% against conventional systems, providing huge annual cost savings by using the space for more productivity, consolidating multiple facilities or bringing in house stock that has previously been outsourced to 3PL

A big miscalculation is to compare automation to conventional installations on cost, the real investment must be viewed on its own business return on investment case. Its time for businesses to be progressive and seek out ways to improve productivity to compete in this ever-competitive world, to take one giant leap to automation instead of little incremental steps which delay progress and never add up to their promise.

Please do not get left behind contact us today and see how your operations could take a giant leap forward through automation.

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